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Your Vending Business Experts

We have been in the vending business for over 33 years and have the experience and network to get you up and running in the vending business as soon as possible.

We offer a complete vending package which includes a state of the art combo vending machine, locations, and experience to make the most of your investment in the vending business.

Give us a call today at 815-530-0027 and we can we can get your vending business started as soon as possible. We have the industry expertise to assist you with making the right decisions to earn the most from your investment.

Vending Cash Flow

P.O. Box 591
Mokena, Il 60448
Phone: (815) 530-0027
Email: sales@vendingcashflow.com

Welcome to Vending Cash Flow

The Ultimate Combo Machine - VCF716 

Introductory Price $2,495.00


Location Friendly Features!

• Accepts $1s and $5s and Gives Change

• Industry Approved Payment Systems

• LCD Display

• Intuitive Product Selection

• Quiet, Office-Friendly Operation


Energy Efficient Operation

• Water Blown Foam Insulation

• CFC Free Refrigerant

• Low Energy Consumption


Operator Driven Construction

• Fully Programmable Electronics

• Individual Selection Pricing Up to $99.95

• Audit Functions for Cash and Sales

• Easy Loading of Snacks in Tilt Trays

• Vertical Load Beverages - No Heavy Shelves

• Compatible with All Cashless Payment Systems


Made in the USA!

Our #1 Selling Combo Vending Machine

The VCF716 Ultimate Vending Combo Machine is more versatile than other machines in its class, this machine enables you to vend both snacks and beverages from one location, so your customers will not have to move on to another machine. The large product capacity and heavy-duty steel construction makes the Electronic Combination Vending Machine perfect for high-traffic locations. Sell 16 different types of candy, chips, snack bars, cookies and other snacks, along with 7 different beverages in cans or bottles. Combination vending = high profits!

Vending Machine Snacks
We are excited to offer our VCF716 Ultra Combo Machine as part of our
Vending Startup Package at a GREAT INTRODUCTORY PRICE!

Maximize you sales with a vending machine that can be configured
to sell a variety of products. The combo machine offers 16 Chips &
Candy Selections and up to 7 different Drink Combinations.
Give us a call today at 815-530-0027 or email us at Sales@VendingCashFlow.com and ask about our great deals and locations.

Vending Cash Flow offers a Complete Vending Package

 Vending Location Services
We have a large network of vending locators across the US. Give us a call to find out how we can place your equipment in great locations.

 Business Support and Expertise
We offer unlimited phone support and offer a 1 year mfg warranty on all parts. We also have product expertise to help you maximize your profits.